Members' Choice

September 2021 Members' Choice Results

Best of Assigned A & B - Smoke, Fog, and Mist

22 Hearts "Morning Splendor" Bill Shaw


20 Hearts "Smokin!" Gerry Bishop


20 Hearts "After the Storm" Jim Wolfe


16 Hearts "First Mornings Light" Jeffrey Sitler


16 Hearts "Delicate Spring" Liz Marshall


14 Hearts "Smoke trails" Seth Silverstein


13 Hearts "A Frosty One" Jay Hirsh



13 Hearts "Second Hand Smoke" Jim Marshall


12 Hearts "Early Morning Hike" Elizabeth Pennell


12 Hearts "Safety First" Gene Runion


Best of Open A & B

25 Hearts "Comin Atcha!" Lynn Gaffey


21 Hearts "Pink oysters" Gerry Bishop


16 Hearts "Pearls" Jill Bascom


16 Hearts "Looking for Prey" Jim Wolfe


15 Hearts "Ghost Rider" Rick Seaman


14 Hearts "Cafe Au Lait Dahlia" Beth Bass

14 Hearts "Waiting" Gene Runion


13 Hearts "Tyrants" Alison Powell


12 Hearts "Bayou Bird" Betsy Cassidy


12 Hearts "Windfarm Sunset II" Bill Shaw


12 Hearts "Bygone Days" Elizabeth Pennell