Members' Choice

November 2020 Members' Choice Results

Open A & B

"Blanket Flower" by Jim Marshall (17)



"Sunrise on the Eastern Shore" by Anne Scott (15)



"Outer Banks Milky Way" by Jim Wolfe (B) (14)



"Morning Fog" by Elizabeth Pennell (B) (13)


"Bleeding Hearts Trio" by Seth Silverstein (13)



"Definitely a winner" by David Katz (13)



"Morning Dew" by Jill Bascomb  (11)



"untitled 2" by Craig Cooper (B) (11)



"Cottage by the Sea" by Rick Seaman (11)



"Not Moving" by Tom Mirenda (B) (11)



 Assigned A & B

"As Time Goes By" by Gerry Bishop (20)


"Arrangement With Fall Leaves" by Anne Scott (14)


"Dogwood Early Spring Sprouts" by Seth Silverstein (14)


"Sugar Maple Transitions" by Jeffrey Sitler (B) (13)


"Kale Fractals" by Jim Marshall (12)


"Heart in tears" by Ranjit Sahu (11)


"Momiji" by Deborah Murren (10)


"A River Runs Through It" by Jim Wolfe (B) (10)


"Geneticallymodified Tatsoi" by Pam Morris (10)


"Caprice" by Craig Cooper (B) (8)


"Natures Carpet" by Bill Shaw (8)


"Dwarf Japanese Maple Leaves" by Karen Schmidt (8)