Members' Choice

September 2020 Members' Choice Results

Open A & B

“Outer Banks Milky Way” by Jim Wolfe (24)



“Enveloped” by Jay Hirsh (18)



“Fog on the Mountain” by Beth Bass (17)



“Smile” by Jim Marshall (17)



“Misty Sunrise” by Gerry Bishop (17)



“New Day!” by Harriette Fishburne (16)



“Passion Flower” by Anne Scott (15)



“Play What?” by Tom Mirenda (15)



“An Old Monastery” by Betsy Cassidy (12)



“Crocosmia Firecracker” by Seth Silverstein (12)



Assigned A & B

“Wheels of Time” by Gerry Bishop (23)


“iWheels” by Barry Shawley (21)


“Spinning” by Jay Hirsh (19)


“Wheelie” by Jim Marshall (18)


“Pedaling for Colors” by Anne Scott (17)


“Love the Oldies” by Kirsten Brownfield (16)


“In the Garage” by Bill Shaw (16)


“End of the Day” by Craig Cooper (15)


“Cutting Wheel” by Seth Silverstein (13)


“Mabry Mill Waterwheel” by Gary Powell (12)


“Crushed” by Beth Bass (12)