About us

The Charlottesville Camera Club is an organization that fosters photography as an art, a hobby, or a vocation, by instruction and by sharing knowledge and experience. Our club was founded in 1995 and currently consists of about 70 members who come together monthly to explore all aspects of photography. We welcome visitors and new members of all ages and levels of experience, ranging from beginner to professional. The club also welcomes those with a wide range of photographic interests, including film and experimental. Club members meet several times each month for various activities (see list below).

What are the club’s main activities? (Check the Calendar on the CCC website for details; announcements also are made via email for all activities.)

Here’s the general lineup:

  • Photo competition every month on the second Thursday
  • Photo review twice each month
  • Presentation or workshop most months (date varies)
  • Field trips on occasion
  • Photo exhibits

Does the club offer information on how to take better photos?

  • Mentoring: Many of our experienced club members enjoy helping others in the club learn the skills of taking photos and how to optimize photos with software. 
  • Ongoing Presentations: Almost every month we invite an outside expert or an experienced club member to do a presentation on various aspects of photography. The dates and times are listed on the CCC Calendar, which is available through a link on the home page of the website.
  • Past Presentations: By clicking on the Presentations link on the website, you have access to many of the past presentations that have been made, available in a PDF format. Recordings of our Zoom presentations are also provided to all members soon after a presentation takes place.
  • Photo Reviews: One of the most direct ways to learn more about how to improve your photography is to take part in the competitions and in the Photo Review sessions, where you will get specific feedback on each of your photos and how to make improvements.