Sensor Cleaning - Dust Spots

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Bill Shaw
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Sensor Cleaning - Dust Spots

Hi - Anyone have experience with getting dust from a sensor?

I've tried the manual route by using air fro a handheld blower but has not helped. I hear Richmond Camera will clean for $75. Anyone used them?

Toni Zappone
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There are many people in CCC who do their own cleaning and would probably show you how. I, myself, have not had the nerve to try it yet, altho they say it's simple. Bring your camera to the meeting Oct. 11th and I'll hook you up with someone.

Frank James
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Hi Bill and Members,
I work at Pro Camera and do the sensor cleanings. We charge $60. I will ask the owner if we can give club members a discount.
Frank James

Sandy Hodge
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Might be a good topic for a workshop...we could all bring our cameras?

Seth Silverstein
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I bought sensor cleaning kits from Amazon. There are many Utube tutorials on using the cleaning swabs to clean your sensor. The process turned out to be very simple! Here is a link to the kit I purchased:

Toni Zappone
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To Frank James: I have no interest in learning how to clean my camera, so if you could get the club a discount at Pro Camera, that would be great!

Gerry Bishop
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Yes, this is a very easy process, so a demo would be in order. The Thursday meeting won't be a very good place to do a demo, but the peer review on October 27 would be. So, I propose to all who want to learn how to do this to come and bring your cameras. I also suggest that you go online or to Pro Camera and buy the appropriate swabs and solutions for your cameras and bring them to the peer review with you.