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Some of us have been talking about timelapse photography and I was asked to show an example of a video made from many individual images.

What do you need? An interesting, changing subject, a camera, a tripod, an external intervalometer or camera firmware so one may take repeated exposures, and software to build the video from the individual images. If you are interested in this topic I would say your web search engine is your friend as there are many web pages showing how to, software, work flows, etc.

My subject: Near the end of twilight on 2016 September 6th I set up to shoot a sequence of the Moon setting over a lake. My equipment: Canon 6D, Canon TC-80N3 "timer remote controller", Canon 24-105mm L zoom @ 24mm and F/4.0, bulb exposure, RAW capture, focused on the stars in Liveview, i.e. infinity, etc. Using the TC-80N3, the intervalometer, I set it to take 15 second exposures continuously. The time covered was from late twilight to a little past Moonset. I ended up taking 365 images over about 1.5 hours. The following day I imported them all into Lightroom to add tags, watermarks, do some standard adjustments, remove vignetting especially when operating at 24mm fl. I finally exported jpegs to a folder. I used Panolapse software to build my timelapse video from the individual frames but there are many other pieces of software to do this such as LRTimelapse, etc. For web upload I usually produce 720p videos but 4K HD and above are often possible. There are additional options even beyond this basic level that may bring even more interest to your films which includes using sliders to move the camera, adding titles, credits, introduction, and a "The End" to your short films. It can all get very complex quickly!

To do timelapses well there are many things that must be thought about, planned for, coordinated, set up, and actually performed! To start your exploration put these terms in your favorite search engine: "timelapse", "intervalometer" and go from there!

Anyway here is a link to the example timelapse video located on flickr.
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Jim DeYoung

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Jim: great job - very well done.

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This also works great with flowers blooming. A fun project.