Stan's "Fun at the Lake" for June

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Anton Largiader
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Stan's "Fun at the Lake" for June

I really liked this one! Definitely my favorite out of what I saw posted for this month.

It's not technically perfect IMO, which makes me think a bit about that part of scoring. I think there are certain genres of photo where perfection has been pretty much defined already: wildlife, bird in flight, landscape, flowers (talkin' to you Gerry). And we see these pretty regularly, so we have come to sort of expect the perfection that the accepted standard procribes. But with a photo that doesn't fall into such a category, we're more open to really evaluating it because the criteria aren't already set. I think the judges feel the same way, because they constantly push us to bring our own interpretation to things and can be dismissive of the flower/landscape/bird photos even when they're pretty much perfect.

So, I'd have given that one a four because there's maybe a tiny bit too much water at the bottom and the two bright dots in front of the skier seem extra, but it's nonetheless my favorite to look at.