Ben Greenberg - Locations Mentioned

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Larry Bouterie
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Ben Greenberg - Locations Mentioned

Landscape shooting locations from Ben Greenberg’s presentation to the Charlottesville Camera Club, March 10, 2016: Capturing Quality Panorama Landscape Photographs.

1. Ravens Roost on Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia, near Humpback Mountain
2. Sky Meadows State Park, Fauquier County @ Appalachian Trail Crossing
3. Little Story Creek, T. Jefferson National Forest
4. Pfeiffer Beach, Los Padres National Forest (Big Sur), CA
5. Briery Creek Wildlife Management Area, Prince Edward County
6. Lake Moomaw, Covington, VA
7. Falling Springs Waterfall, Covington, VA
8. Seal Rock State Park, OR
9. Ruby Beach, Olympic National Park, OR
10. Canoe Beach, OR (?)
11. Mattamuskeet National Wildlife Reserve, NC
12. Stephen Butler State Park, Palouse, WA (late July)
13. Great Falls, VA
14. Stony Point Road Route 20 – Albemarle/Orange county line