Image resubmission policy for 2014

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Anton Largiader
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Image resubmission policy for 2014

A few people have asked about the change in the resubmission policy. In the past, members could resubmit non-winning images in subsequent months but now there is no resubmission allowed.

Other XC members are certainly free to chime in with their thoughts, but my observation has been that members often saw the same image over and over because it was being resubmitted in the hope that a different judge would like it better. And sometimes this happened, but often it didn't. With our current focus on better critique, the hope is that we can get better feedback on an image and - if we want to do better - reshoot it from the beginning with the critique in mind. If the shortcomings were largely post-processing suggestions, you're free to make them and have a better picture, but to keep the contests interesting for the members we want to see fresh work. Bring your re-edited image to a Peer Review if you want further critique.

Re-using an image as the basis for a Creative image is certainly fresh work, hence the clarification at the March meeting.

Technically a different photo from the same set is a different image, but you probably used the best one you had. If there are fundamental problems with what you were doing on that day, the ones you didn't select probably aren't better. Since our emphasis here is on learning, if you want to re-enter that same subject please go back and re-shoot it with the judge's critique in mind.