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Camera Gear Registry

Many of you may not be aware of this free website so I'm sharing it here ( ). It's called Lenstag and they exist to put an end (or a big dent) to stolen camera sales. It's basically free theft protection for your gear. Plus, they help you recover your gear if the unfortunate happens.

How it works:
-- Sign up & add your cameras, lenses & video equipment serial numbers to your account. It's free!
-- Verify that you're in possession of each item by uploading a picture of each the serial numbers or something else that shows you own each item (warranty card, etc.).
-- If an item gets stolen, immediately flag it as such and they'll create a public page to help you get it back.

I've been using it for for over two years. It's just another resource out there to help folks like us protect our expensive investment. It would also be helpful in the event of an insurance claim. Go check out their website for all the details.