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Rick Seaman
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Photography Service Opportunity

Ernie Marshall provided me with the following information.

The "Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep" program provides solace to parents of young children who have died or who are terminally ill. The following link will take you to the program website.

[You can also just Google "nowIlaymedowntosleep" and the webpage pops up.]

When you get to the webpage, there is a place to click on "photographers" at the top with simple instructions on how to apply - give name and contact information. Recall that this is not a cumbersome effort - typically there is about one death in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at UVa per month. A short list of volunteer photographers will make the task even lighter but this is a highly rewarding thing to do for grieving young parents.

Once a photographer registers on the site, above, someone from the hospital will contact him/her with details. Ernie has mentioned to my son-in-law, Dr. Andrew Berenz, in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit that we were willing to present this idea to the CCC. He appreciates it greatly.

Anton Largiader
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I was in touch with the local NILMDTS organizers several years ago. Although their website guidelines say they are looking for professionals, that isn't a strict requirement and I got the impression that they'd be happy to use me if I pursued it (which I didn't, mostly due to general life commitments). If you're open to it, and it absolutely is a worthwhile service, just contact the local organizers after reading the website.