monitor/printer calibration

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Michele Fletcher
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monitor/printer calibration

Hi everyone,
I wanted to ask what folks liked/used for a monitor /printer calibration tool? Brand/system? Pros/cons ? I'm interested in one that includes calibrating the printer - I'll have an Epson.
(FYI BTW I'm almost deaf so watching videos with poor (or no) Closed-captioning is terribly frustrating. )


Toni Zappone
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Michele. I use Color Munki "Display" by XRite and have been very pleased with it. Caution...don't buy the cheapest one. I did that and ended up moving up to the $109.00 model. The "Display" model calibrates your monitor and printer, and has a device that sits on your desktop to constantly adjust your monitor for changes in ambient light. Very easy to use; I run it every month and the instructions walk you through it every time.

PS: Have you tried using ear buds when you watch videos? Makes a big difference.

John Hulburt
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Agree with Toni. Here is link with ColorChecker - nice rebate right now.http://www.bhphotovi...