Blogging while you travel

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Stan Kaslusky
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Blogging while you travel

My wife Julie and I are currently traveling in England and Wales. We had an interest in sharing with our ten grandchildren, who are scattered across the USA our travels so we started a travel blog with daily postings and pictures. Each evening as I review the days pictures on my laptop I've added comments about the stories we've heard , people we met etc. Our readership is family and friends but I can't emphasis enough how this has been a wonderful way to record our trip for our own memories in months, years to come. How many times do we look back at our travels and say Where was that neat castle, when did we meet that couple, etc. etc. These journeys can all melt into one over the years.The Blog, a simple photographic way of journalling, has helped eliminate that. If nobody reads it it still has great value to us. Take a peak at

Toni Zappone
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What a fun thing to do. Great blog, Stan!