Mirror Actions

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Robert Fehnel
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Mirror Actions

Many people have asked me for some actions I have created. These can be used in Photoshop as well as elements (perhaps someone can verify if they are usable in lightroom).  By saving the file at this link you can download my photoshop actions for creating mirror images.


Some notes on these actions.  There are 4 simple mirror actions which will take your image and mirror it up, down, left and right.  This will double the dimension of your image in some fashion.  There are also actions in this set that use the overlay idea.  In this case it will take the image and copy and turn it in some fashion and overlay it onto the original image and then by adjusting the blend mode create a new image that is the same dimensions as the original.  .  


Some tips i might mention with this.  

  • Any image you wish to alter with one of these actions must be flattened.  If you use an action on one and want to do it again make sure to flatten between steps.  
  • For any mirrored or overlaid image cropping before running the action can greatly improve the output image.  If you dont like the output but it is close perhaps try a cropping and then the action.  
  • With the overlay (and any altering even the mirror) it can create a great image sometimes and not others.  In some overlaid images you may need to adjust the blend mode to one that may be more appropriate.  The blend mode is defaulted to multiply but others may work just as well.  
  • Keep in mind not all photos are meant to be mirrored or overlaid or even altered.  Sometimes the best photo is the one already done, dont be discouraged because your great photo didnt get better.



Lastly have fun with it and if you create something that you like please share it here in this thread and show what you have been able to create.