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Gene Runion
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Free online course

Fundamentals of Photography (far more than fundamental)

Jan 12 - 16
noon - 7 pm live broadcast
~ 7:15 pm to noon next day free rebroadcast

By John Greengo
About 26 hours of content

John's explanations are top-notched and he has the best visuals that you will ever see.

I think this is the best class you will ever find.

Toni Zappone
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My nephew, Craig Swanson, is the co-founder of CreativeLive which is headquartered in Seattle. Glad to know their courses are still going strong. Makes an aunt proud.

Gene Runion
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As of about one year ago they have two studios; their second one is in LA or San Francisco. Auntie can be extra proud.

Gerry Bishop
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This sounds great, Gene. And yes, CreativeLive offers some excellent stuff. Toni, you should indeed be a proud aunt! :-)