Monthly Forum Contests Rules and Info

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Robert Fehnel
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Monthly Forum Contests Rules and Info


How To Enter

  • Simply go to the CCC website and find the competition “thread” in the Forum, designated by the month.
  • Any Eligible member can enter only 1 photo each month
  • Reply to the thread with your photo attached.  Photos should be sized 1080px on the long side. 
  • You can include a title but no other information.  The Title should be entered into the white box with the label Comment.  
  • The photo must match the theme or any other specifications given by the judge.  The theme as well as any other rules will be in the monthly forum topic that each person replies to. 
  • Any photo entered must not have been entered previously at any of the monthly camera club meetings. 
  • Any photo entered online first may be submitted at a regular camera club competition as long as it fits the requirements. 

Who can Enter

Anyone who is a current member of the club can enter.  If you have any problems posting an image to the competition, please contact Robert Fehnel at  


Judges will be selected from the camera club membership.  (If the judges wish, they can remain anonymous and just have the coordinator post their critiques and the winner.)  The judges choose the themes, as well as any other specific rules that they wish. They will also critique each image as well as choose their favorite image as the winner.  Winning has no impact on the end of year scores. 


During the time where photos are entered and judging is occurring, no online discussion will take place.  However, after the judge picks his/her favorite, then members are free to discuss any image.