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Ginger Ferrell
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Check List for Compeition

This is an article from the Digital Photography School which is a free site heaving with advice. Canadian photographer Alex Morrison has posted eleven things to check against images you want to enter into competition. She starts out with the elusive quality of impact. http://digital-photo...

Anton Largiader
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Certainly a useful reference, and anyone using it will definitely keep themselves from treating the Assigned contest as a scavenger hunt.

I like that the writer acknowledges that an image doesn't have to have a specific subject. I think some of our judges don't get that.

Toni Zappone
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Thanks, Ginger. That was a very useful link. Good information.

Robert Fehnel
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Very interesting. I agree with Anton and abstracts are not the only images to not have a center of interest. There could be a pastoral scene with not one important aspect rather a calming feel of the photo as a whole. This seems to really throw the judges.

I wonder about story telling. Sometimes I want them to and sometimes I dont. Let the viewer feel how they want. Sometimes it is just a flower.

There are certain things I wonder about and I have seen in our competitions. We had a judge back in the old in or our days he said "The three Bs of what not to enter: babies, bunnies and barns." That seemed a bit crazy because a barn can fit a scene nicely, and the same goes for the other two. OF course there are plain jane photos of babies but still to exclude simply because of the inclusion seemed strange. But I have neither entered nor shot any of those three perhaps with that comment in mind.