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Stan Kaslusky
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Photo of Interest

Just thought I would share a photo taken today in my side yard here at Lake Monticello / The White Albino deer that has been frequenting our neighborhood. She is a beautiful sight to behold. We've seen her off and on for about four years which is remarkable she has lived that long. The picture doesn't do her justice, but here she is bedding down for the day this morning. These deer occur about one in 30,000 births. Stan

Stan Kaslusky
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Taken with my Nikon D300 with a Sigma 120-400mm zoom, F16 Misty rainy morning.

Jim Simmons
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Nice photo and thanks for sharing it with us, STan.

Jim Simmons

Gerry Bishop
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Very cool, Stan.

Anton Largiader
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I remember one living nearby us when I was growing up. Probably haven't seen one since then, maybe 35 years or so.

Now as a judge I would have to say you need to go back and re-shoot that from a little farther left, and use content-aware fill to get rid of those twigs across the neck, crop right, and use some flash to generate catchlights in the eyes... :)

Judy Edwards
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When I was working at Oakland School we had twin albino fawns wandering around. They actually stayed for a few years, then one disappeared and the other eventually, too. I wonder if they were related to the one you see.

Sandy Hodge
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So cute!