March - What is That?

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Robert Fehnel
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March - What is That?

So in a few months we will have this as our category of the month. Have you ever captured an image that gets everyone asking what it is? Share them on this thread and lets talk about what it is we may have captured.


My first one i am not sure how to explain. It is a photo of nothing may be the best description. I then used a christmas tree as a background object but it was sufficiently far away and the lights have become the bokeh spots. Perhaps not competition worthy but an interesting take on a christmas tree.


Tree Bokeh


Another one is that although soap films can often have vibrant colors after a while they can appear with this sort of blue color. I think this pattern became quite interesting and a tighter crop might make it even harder to determine what it is.


Soap bubble 3



I am curious what other people have captured in the past. These photos are significantly old enough they no longer meet the requirements for assigned competitions.