June - Light from behind

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Anton Largiader
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June - Light from behind

Here are a few from the 365 that we did a few years ago. Might be good for a few ideas. Click through to full images.

Our cat walking out of a box, with a radio-controlled flash inside.

Trees at Pen Park golf course

Flowers in our yard in the morning

Cheese grater

Banjo player

Grim Reaper

North Fork reservoir

Gerry Bishop
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You need to enter the competitions more often, Anton!

Jim Simmons
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Anton - I agree with Gerry. Let us see some of your work at our competitions.

Jim S

Anton Largiader
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3, 4 and 7 were Meredith's shots; the 365 was a joint effort. We had a lot of fun setting up the Grim Reaper shot; it now seems like the sort of thing that Jim and Liz might submit. We hosed the window down and put a strobe on a stand behind Meredith. I shot from inside. At first, in Photoshop you could barely see a big goofy grin on her face but I think I burned that in (out?).

Thanks for the comments! Now, I'm sure I'm not the only one with some old stock that exemplifies this theme.

Robert Fehnel
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So yeah a shame we havent seen some of those photos in competitions. The cheese grater is a great idea. I had done it once myself. I used gels on a flash.


Here is one of mine i go to this event every year. I am sure there is a better shot somewhere but havent honed in on it yet.





Also here is a cheese grater i did a while back.  Obviously i would have needed to get some of those water spots off and get it shiny to be competition worthy

Flash Gel (35/365)

Jim Simmons
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Interesting shots, Anton. Thanks for sharing them.

Jim S

Toni Zappone
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Here's a pretty good tutorial on backlighting.