Complete studio setup for sale

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Rob Craighurst
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Complete studio setup for sale

Vince Isner, an internationally known photographer, is retiring and selling his entire studio setup. It's everything one could need minus a camera. He would prefer to sell it as a bundle, perfect for someone starting out. Vince used to live in Charlottesville, now lives in Staunton, and is preparing to move overseas in a couple months. To see his work, go to
Vince says:
I am retiring and am selling my strobe gear (originally purchased from Pro Camera in C'ville) - and would like to find someone starting out who would like a great deal on a 4-strobe traveling studio setup with accessories. I am asking $1,990 for about $12,500 of gear, which includes 3 backgrounds, stands, 4 500ws Hensel Strobes, spot grids, beauty dish and several other modifiers, clamps, extra stands, reflectors, etc. - a complete kit. It has served me well. It has been well used, but well cared for, and has several years of service left, but it is time to let it go. Cameras aren't included, but everything else to build a business is there.
Here's a complete list:
Photo Studio Inventory
(All equipment is between 2 and 15 years old)
● Monolights: 2 Two-Strobe Hensel Integra Pro monolight kits (One Integra Pro and One
Integra Pro-Plus) - Total 4 Strobes
● Rolling cases: 2 large Hensel travel cases to hold monolights, accessories - telescopic
handle with wheels for rolling
● Electrical Items: 4 heavy-duty AC cords plus two backup cords, replacement halogen
modeling bulbs, 2 trigger hard-wires
● Trigger: 1 Hensel Camera Hot Shoe Remote Trigger (with remote control of Integra
Pro-Plus Monolights)
● Umbrellas: 3 umbrellas, including 36" photoflex umbrella, two hensel umbrellas
● Softboxes: 2 photoflex half-dome softboxes with egg crates, 1 5' photoflex Octodome
with gold/silver inserts and egg crate, 2 Hensel softboxes - Total 5 Softboxes - in
drawstring travel bags
● Softboxes: 1 Photek Softlighter 60" Umbrella/Softbox - in slip case
● Reflectors: 4 hensel standard reflectors, 2 hensel large reflectors - Total SIX
● Spot Grids: 7 Hensel Spot Grids (10-40 degree throw)
● Beauty dish: 1 Hensel beauty dish with zippered case
● Sandbags/Waterbags: Two Photoflex Light/Sandbags (weights)
● Stands: 4 Hensel Stands, 3 Impact light stands, 1 floor stand
● Novaflex clamp: 1 Novaflex clamp for lights
● Collapsible Light Tent: 1 NEVER USED Pop-Up Light Tent for Product Shots with 4
Presentation Panels (White velvet, white reflective, red, & blue) - with zippered case
● Background Hanging Assembly with 4 extensions and 2 Stands: Expandable
(6-piece) background Pole with Stands (and what's left of the carry bag...)
● Backgrounds (3): 1 12x20 reversible gray and black canvas background, 1 oversized
black fabric background, and 1 12x16 green screen
● Photoflex Canvas Carry Case: 1 large canvas accessory bag
● Impact mini-boom arm 5'3" extension and 36": 1 Impact mini-boom arm 5'3"
extension and 36" Flexfill collapsing reflector
● Photoflex 4'x8' Litepanel Kit: 1 Photoflex 4'x8' Litepanel Kit with diffuser, reflectors,
heavy-duty stand, and frame - with case

To see photos of all the equipment, check out this pdf on my Google Drive:

For now respond to me, Rob Craighurst, I'll update the post when I find out what method of contact Vince wants for correspondence.