Tanzania, Anyone?

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Gerry Bishop
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Tanzania, Anyone?

I received the following email from Harold Gutgesell, a former CCC member now living in Colorado, who asked me to pass it on to anyone in the club who might be interested:

Hi Gerry—thought I'd reach out to see if you or any camera club members would be interested in going on a safari in Tanzania next February. The trip is organized by my friend Roger Clark (Clarkvision.com), is from Feb 12 to the 26th. Roger has done this trip 6 or 7 times with the same touring company and it is specially designed for photographers. Each vehicle has only 2 photographers and the guides have been trained to position the vehicles for optimal photography. Roger makes no money off of this, so cost is less than commercial tours. I went with Roger in 2018 and came back with 5000 pictures. There has been a cancellation, so there is room for one male photographer. Cost would be about $8500. Feel free to share this information with anyone, have them contact me if interested. Howard

If you are interested, let me know and I'll give you Harold's email address.