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Gerry Bishop
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Guy Tal speaks

Below is a link to an interesting talk by well-known landscape photographer and writer Guy Tal, who was hosted by Nic Stover, who you may remember from a presentation Nic did for us earlier in the year.

If you're interested in going beyond where you are now in your photography, you may find this as inspirational as I did.


Dana Palmer
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I watched. He was by far my favorite speaker of the Nic Stover series so far. His style of photography is cathartic, without worries of getting a photo that a judge will like. It's more about capturing how you subjectively feel in the moment. His photos are gorgeous and I ordered a book as a gift for a friend - can't wait to enjoy it before I give it away:)

(I'm surprised this ended up on You Tube so fast, since this was part of a paid series.)

John Voss
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His book "Another day not wasted book is pretty good". His thoughts are in line with David Duchemins ideas about focusing on the image and what it means rather than technical stuff or winning competitions.