More info about Scotland photography

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More info about Scotland photography

As a follow-up to Thomas Loucks' talk on photography in Scotland, here's some additional information from Tom:

Recently, I gave my talk on Scotland/Highlands photography again, and there were several who asked about obtaining the list of B&B/hotels we stayed at and the list of websites I recommended for the Highlands. In the process of assembling these materials today, I realized that there was another tip of possibly great interest, and I overlooked it because, when my wife and I planned our own trip, we had made all of our bookings before we became aware of it:

There is a professional landscape photographer – Angus Bruce – who lives in Ullapool, who offers to lead trips, and who has both a self-catering house one can rent, or his own B&B one can stay at. I have spoken with him on the phone and he seems quite cordial, and we only wish we had known about him when we were planning our trip. His website is and, while the website deals primarily with his photography, under “links” there are links to both his own B&B and his self-catering cottage.