Nic Stover's Nature Photography Classes

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Nic Stover's Nature Photography Classes

You may remember Nic Stover's talk a few months ago. He just sent me the lineup for his Nature Photography Classes this fall, and the speakers look great. Here's the email he sent me:

Hi Gerry

I hope that this email finds you well. I enjoyed speaking with your group during Covid and I am still offering different topics but on a more limited schedule in addition to resuming in field workshops.

But that is not why I am emailing you!

I have put together an amazing list of nature photographers to speak this fall about a wide variety of topics. Most of these speakers never speak to camera clubs or are on the road so much they only give high profile talks. If you could forward to your members or other photography friends, I am sure they would find interest. The classes are only $10 each and you get to either watch the presentation live or receive a recording if you don’t make it!

Have you ever wondered what and how photography professionals see or more of how they approach their work? Through the Nature Photography Classes Speaker Series, you will be able to see what goes on in their minds, within their cameras, and in the field as they bring to you some of their most impactful images, thoughts, and insights. The speaker series is a live opportunity to ask questions as part of a 90-minute web-based format.

Join us as we talk to the leading nature and landscape photographers.

Marc Adamus-"Looking within"
Eric Bennett-"Adding by Subtracting" - The art of Exclusion
Alister Benn-"Understanding the Landscape" - The emotional language of vision.
Erin Babnik-“Beyond Perfection: Balancing Artistry and Technique in Your Photography"
Josh Cripps-"Stop Being a 1-Dimensional Photographer!"
Guy Tal-"Creativity and Expression in Photography"
Sarah Marino-“The Expansive Mindset: Practices to Transform Your Photographic Experience”
Registration is now open for the speaker series. This is the opportunity to ask questions live, spend an afternoon with people that rarely speak to groups, and hear from the very best educators. You don’t have to be present to get the recordings, but you do have to register. I hope to see you or your members there!

Full details here

All the best


Nic Stover
"Create more impactful images"