Nikkor ED 200mm f/4 AF micro (macro) lens for sale

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Gerry Bishop
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Nikkor ED 200mm f/4 AF micro (macro) lens for sale

This is one of the sharpest macro lenses ever made by Nikon or anyone else. It is no longer in production, but good used ones online still demand prices of $1200 or even more for those in like-new condition.

I bought the lens offered here about 20 years ago and have used it regularly up to a few months ago. (I now use a lens that works with the Helicon Focus stacking hardware that I recently purchased.) The glass is flawless (no fungus, no scratches) and the auto-focus works well. There is a bit of cosmetic wear here and there, the manual focus ring is a bit stiff, and there's a small fleck of dust inside (which won't affect the image quality). Otherwise the lens is in very good condition. Complete with two lens caps and lens hood.

The great advantage of a macro lens of this focal length (200mm) is that it allows full, 1:1 magnification while still maintaining a good "working distance" from your subject. This helps avoid disturbing skittish creatures and casting shadows over other subjects. The only downside is that a lens of this size is fairly heavy.

Anyone who is interested in the lens is free to use it before purchase or to return it after purchase if not happy with it. I'll also bargain if you can't quite swing the asking price of $875. This is too great a photographic tool to remain idle in my studio!