How to add a picture from your computer

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Robert Fehnel
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How to add a picture from your computer

This post is how to add a picture to your post. If you are looking to add a photo from flickr see this post.


If you have the file: In this case you have the file on your computer and you would like to share it.

1. Make sure that it is sized and 1080 pixels on the long side would be sufficient for the webpage.  To learn how to size read this page: How To Resize Image

2. After writing the body of the topic or reply you can simply attach the file.

3. To attach the file you can click on the choose file button to select the file

4. Choose upload. This will add it to the end of your post.

5. Finish editing your text in the body.

6. You can then preview and when you are done you need to hit the Save button on the bottom of the page.