Fieldtrip to Walnut Grove Farm, Louisa, Va

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Harriette Fishburne
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Fieldtrip to Walnut Grove Farm, Louisa, Va

I wanted to let our members know that we will have access to Walnut Grove Farm in Louisa, Va for a photo excursion as the weather warms! My nephew and his family have just purchased 450 acres there and will be moving in April from Colorado to return to his Virginia roots! He is welcoming us to the property before the moving trucks arrive! I have done some research to check out nice weather possibilities and have come up with the week of March 17-21st!

There will be a full moon at 3:17 am on the 18th!!

Thursday, March 17: with high of 65 degrees and low of 31:
Moonset 7:16 am, Sunrise at 7:20 am
Moonrise 6:48 pm, sunset at 7:21pm

Friday, March 18: H 55 degrees, L 41.
Sunrise 7:19 am, sunset 7:23 pm, moonrise 7:58:pm

Saturday, March 19: H 62, L 43
Sunrise 7:17 am, moonset 7:12 am, sunset 7:24 pm, moonrise 9:06 pm

Sunday, March 20: H 68, L 44
Sunrise 7:13 am, sunset 7:25pm

Monday, March 21: H 70, L 30
Sunrise 7:12, Sunset 7:26 pm

I would like to get some feedback on when you think would be a good time to go to take advantage of the best light conditions, morning or evening?

Alison Powell
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What a lovely opportunity! I would opt for morning (and if the days as long as the weather cooperates).

Harriette Fishburne
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Due to unforeseen circumstances, we have had to cancel our plans for an excursion to Walnut Grove Farm this Spring. We will update you when we can.