Nikon D810 for sale

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Jim Marshall
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Nikon D810 for sale

For Sale:Nikon D810 (36MP) Camera Body with accessories $750

Accessories include: Battery, Memory Cards (2), Arca-Swiss L Plate, and Nikon Leather Hand Grip.

Current B&H (Google search "B&H") Used Department Price for this Body in "8+" condition is $1095 with no accessories.

This D810 has been my main camera for portrait and still life photographs for over 2 years. It has 13,000 shutter clicks (Nikon specs rate this camera for 200,00 shutter clicks). I have recently (reluctantly) upgraded to the Nikon Z mirrorless system, mainly because of weight considerations. The D810 body weighs 31.3 oz and Z bodies are 20.8 oz. Z lenses are also lighter. I was sorry to lose Nikon's convenient "Creative Lighting System", which greatly simplifies off-camera flash control by using the built in camera flash as the master flash. The Z cameras have no built in flash and can't use that system.

Also For Sale: Nikon 85mm f1.8 D lens with lens hood and UV filter; $225

Current B&H Used Department price for this lens is $327.

Both of these item are in "Like New" condition and will be delivered in their original packing.

Contact for questions or additional information.