Tenba camera bag for sale

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Gerry Bishop
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Tenba camera bag for sale

I bought this backpack about 15 years ago but stopped using it a few years later when my needs changed. Finally pulled it out from deep in a closet and decided to sell it. CCC members get first crack before I put it on Craigslist and then eBay.

This is a very well made and highly versatile bag. It serves as a well-padded backpack, but it also comes with a wheeled rack that makes it convenient as a carry-on. Lots of dividers and internal and external pockets make it infinitely adjustable to almost any collection of gear, including long lenses. It even comes with a rain cover and a tripod carrier.

I think I paid $130 for it new, and since it's been mostly sitting unused since then, it's in excellent condition. I'd be happy to accept any reasonable offer for it. I've included several photos in this posting, but if you'd like to see it in person before making an offer, let me know and we can arrange it.