Removing pesky halos from your photos

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Gerry Bishop
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Removing pesky halos from your photos

Sometimes, by making adjustments to a photo, light-colored "halos" form around the edges of objects--usually around dark objects against a brighter sky. These can be eliminated by a simple operation using Photoshop. Here's how:
1. Create a blank layer above your pixel layer in the Layers panel. (Click on the square icon with the folded corner at the bottom of the panel.)
2. At the top of the layers panel, change the blend mode to Darken.
3. Select the Clone Stamp Tool, check the "Align" box in the options bar, and then, while pressing the Alt (Option) key, click in an area near the halo. This will select pixels from that area to paint into the halo.
4. Paint over the halo with the tool brush and watch it disappear! (By using this blend mode, pixels will be painted into, and thus darken, only the light-colored halo and will not affect the adjacent areas.)

Want to see this demonstrated? Bring a photo with a halo to the next Peer Review!

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