Workshop--Back to Basics

Wednesday, January 16, 2019 - 6:30pm to 8:45pm

Beginning photographers, as well as many with more experience, struggle to fully understand and take advantage of their camera's exposure settings. Instead, they may simply set their cameras to "Auto" or "Program" and hope for the best.

Today's cameras are technological marvels compared with those of the past, so they're able to produce perfectly acceptable photos under many different circumstances. But all too often they can produce disappointing results: photos where not enough of the subject is in focus, where the background is too soft or too sharp, where a moving subject is blurred, or where there's way too much "noise" visible. So to avoid the inevitable disappointments, you'll want to know how to make some basic camera settings that will almost always give you the photos you expect.

This workshop is the first of a "Back to Basics" series designed to get beginning photographers off to the right start and to help more experienced photographers learn some of the fundamentals that they may have forgotten. We'll begin the evening with a short presentation on some of the problems that constantly bedevil photographers who rely on their camera's software to make decisions for them. We'll also look at the three key components of the "exposure triangle" and how you can control them to your advantage. Then we'll pull out our cameras and put those principles to work.