"How Do I Shoot Thee? Let Me Count the Ways"

Wednesday, May 16, 2018 - 6:30pm to 8:45pm

A brain-storming session at a club workshop last year yielded several good ideas for future workshops. One was to give members a simple assignment, ask them to bring their images to a workshop, and then discuss the best aspects of the photos and the ways in which they might be improved.

So for beginners and intermediate photographers, here's your assignment: During the coming week, find a flower and make the best photo of it that you can. If you can think of various ways of shooting your subject, under different circumstances, please do so, and then bring several of your best shots to the workshop. All photos should be of the exact same subject.

For advanced photographers who feel they know all they need to know about making beautiful flower photos, here's a challenge for YOU: Find a flower and shoot it in a way that you never thought of before--or at least never got around to trying. Then bring a few of your best efforts to the workshop.

As a follow-up to this session, we will do a hands-on workshop at the Ivy Creek Natural Area, where you'll get a chance to use various lighting equipment and techniques, both indoors (studio setting) and outdoors, for capturing flowers and other small subjects.