Help! Monitor Calibration Software

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Toni Zappone
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Help! Monitor Calibration Software

Have been using ColorMunki Display for a few years. Thought I was satisfied with it. Today I discovered it has disconnected from my system. I tried downloading a new version, rebooting, telling my security system to ignore it...nothing worked. Went to the web and found that a whole lot of people were complaining about the same thing and not getting any assistance from the maker, X-Rite.

So I'm looking for another calibration system. Has anyone used Datacolor Spyder5pro? It has some good reviews and comes in a a pretty good price.

Gerry Bishop
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Yes, Spyder is a great alternative, Toni.


Larry Bouterie
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Here is an item on Apple and xrite. They seem to be on top of working a solution.
Toni are you using an Apple?

Toni Zappone
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X-Rite does seem to addressing it for macs, but I'm on a PC.

Terry Herndon
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Hello all, I have been a member for a couple years but have remained on the sidelines. I hope someone can help, I suspect one of my lenses needs to be calibrated. I purchased Reikan Focal and have tried to run it a couple times. I am not tech savvy and keep hitting issues that I don't understand what the program wants. Does anyone use this program and if so would you be willing to help me work my way through the process.
Thanks Terry