Cloud Backup

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Toni Zappone
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Cloud Backup

Does anyone have an online cloud backup they can recommend? My company is moving to commercial accounts only and I have to find a new one.

Gerry Bishop
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I heard Carbonite is good, which is what Crashplan is also recommending.

I'm in the process of simply switching to Crashplan's small business account, which is $10 per month. You can move up to 3 TB of data directly from your home account. I actually have a small business, but I didn't have to prove it, and I'd bet they wouldn't question your moving over to that plan.

Gordon Putnam
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I am using iDrive because they sent me an external hard drive to download my 1.6 TB of photos. I was using Carbonite but it could not download all that data since it was on line. Carbonite until January of this year did not backup Mac external hard drives. If you use a PC it might work better.

Larry Bouterie
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Back up - everyone wants it, but how to achieve it...
Several of us have discussed this.
From the NYT - here are several options with trade
offs. If you have terabytes of RAW images the cloud won't be inexpensive.