Getting rid of Halos

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Gerry Bishop
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Getting rid of Halos

Last night, our judge, Bruce Dale, mentioned a good method for removing "halos" from a photograph--those pesky light-colored fringes that often appear between light and dark areas when sharpening or applying clarity.

For those of you who want to know how Bruce does it, go to for a full demonstration. Please note that the producer of this video used the Photoshop erase tool to clean up his work because he couldn't find the right brush to use with a layer mask, which is the method he recommends over the erase tool. If you want to see how to use a layer mask to accomplish this task, bring a photo with a halo to the next CCC Peer Review session!

And by the way: One of our members, Deborah Kellams, suggested that you bring photos that you've entered in competitions to the PR sessions so we can demonstrate the improvements suggested by the judges. I think that's an excellent idea.