November 2018 Meeting

Thursday, November 8, 2018 - 6:00pm
Mark Buckler

Almost anyone with a camera has documented the beauty of trees. But the usual photos we’ve all taken may not make much of an impression in a competition. Your challenge is to find something special that trees have to offer. Autumn colors? Sure thing. But what can you do to capture those colors in an inspiring way? Flowering trees in spring? Of course. But what can you do with those blooming branches that you’ve never done before? Even a dead tree, standing alone on a windy ridge or rotting on a forest floor, may offer an opportunity you’ve never imagined.

The judge for our competition in November will be Mark Buckler. Mark is a nature, wildlife and landscape photographer from North Carolina. With his degree in wildlife biology and extensive experience as a field biologist, Mark's understanding of nature and animal behavior informs his ability to capture unique images. His award-winning photos have appeared in a diverse array of magazines and other publications; and he is co-author of "Coastal Wild--Among the Untamed Outer Banks". Visit the image galleries at to view a broad range of his landscape, wildlife and sports images. Mark will present a program titled "Mastering the Art of Wildlife Photography."