October 2018 Meeting

Thursday, October 11, 2018 - 6:00pm
Michael Ver Sprill

Darkness lends itself to a completely new set of photographic opportunities. City streets come alive at night, as do country fairs and fireworks displays. But even quiet and lonely places—cemeteries, back alleys, and moon-lit shorelines—can surprise you with what they have to offer. At night you will need to ensure that you capture sufficient light by increasing the length of your exposure, by adding light (flash or light painting), or by increasing the sensitivity (ISO) of your sensor. But to maintain the feeling of darkness, be careful not to let a too-long exposure turn your scene into daytime. Wherever you may be headed, grab your tripod and a friend (for assistance, company, and safety) and have fun shooting in the dark. Find nine helpful tips for shooting in the dark at: http://www.techradar.com/how-to/photography-video-capture/cameras/night-...

The judge for our October meeting is Michael Ver Sprill. Mike is known as "Milky Way Mike"; but a visit to his website at http://milkywaymike.com/# will make clear the wide range of his interests in addition to astrophotography. His photos have appeared in National Geographic, Photography Week digital magazine, Weather.com Stargazer, and Photography Magazine. Mike will present a program on "Mastering the Lights of the Night Sky."