August 2018 Meeting

Thursday, August 9, 2018 - 6:00pm
Rachel Z. Wilson

Fruits and veggies are more than good things to eat. Their shapes, textures, and colors have inspired artists for hundreds of years, and they’ll do the same for any photographer who takes the time to see them as more than food. You can search for subjects in the produce aisle of your supermarket or the tables at a farmer’s market. Or you can visit a vineyard or apple orchard, discover a cluster of wild blueberries in a meadow, or capture a bunch of cherry tomatoes in your own garden in just the right light. Show yourself—and all of us—what beauty can be found in some of our most common edibles. (Since “fruit” can mean the seed-bearing structure of any flowering plant, please limit your images to those normally eaten by people.)

Returning to judge our competition in August will be Rachel Z. Wilson. After graduating from Ohio University, she worked for several years as a photojournalist. Since 2006, Rachel has been teaching photography to 9th-12th grade students at Charlottesville High School. Asked to reflect on her role as a teacher, she commented: "Being a teacher is so much more than teaching content. Teaching is developing relationships, inspiring passion and a love of learning. It’s not so much about my students deciding they want to be a professional photographer for a career. It’s about helping students find their passion and helping prepare them for life after high school by teaching job skills and fostering creativity." Outside the classroom, Rachel provides photography services that focus on capturing peoples’ personalities and documenting special events in life through wedding photography and portraiture.
Rachel will present a program in which she will share several projects completed by her upper-level photography classes and discuss the purposes and importance of this work.