March 2018 Meeting

Thursday, March 8, 2018 - 6:00pm
Jim Steele

Not every color photograph translates into a good monochrome. Before being able to produce great images, a photographer needs to learn how to “think” in black and white. The three most important aspects to look for in an image are contrast, shape, and texture. Try going through some of your own work to identify pictures that convert well. For some great tips on camera settings, etc. see

Jim Steele will judge our competition in March and will present the program. Photography by Jim and his wife Kathryn can be seen at Studio 343 in the Torpedo Factory Art Center in Alexandria VA and on their website at Jim uses both traditional and digital photographic imagery in color and black and white and works primarily in medium and large format.
From Jim's artist statement: "Photography is a combination of vision, craft, and editing. As photographers, we take far more photographs than will ever reach the walls. One of the great strengths of the photographic medium is the freedom to explore a subject much as a painter might create sketches. How we select the images on which to work is a very personal journey. Sometimes it takes years for me to understand or explore the possibilities of an image. I have to wait until they are ready to speak to me. Sometimes I’m listening and sometimes I’m not."
Jim has taught photography courses and workshops at the Art League School in Alexandria, the Smithsonian Institution, Photoworks at Glen Echo Park, and has guest lectured at Georgetown University.
The title of Jim's presentation is “The Powerful World of Black and White”.