February 2018 Meeting

Thursday, February 8, 2018 - 6:00pm
Andy Jezioro

There is power in an object once useful and needed, now discarded and ignored. Tell a story with your image. Allow the viewer to feel the nostalgia and to imagine the past life of a broken tool, a torn piece of lace, a tattered teddy bear, a worn pair of boots. These bits of a forgotten past can be found in your own homes, antique or second hand shops, old farms or tool sheds, junk yards—and just about anywhere else. Keep your eyes open and you may find you have more possibilities than you can use.

The judge for our next photo competition will be Andy Jezioro. Andy now lives in the Massanuttan area. Before moving to the valley, Andy had served as president of the Manassas-Warrenton Camera Club, held a number of positions on the board of directors, and taught photography at Northern Virginia Community College.
The presentation will be made by Lynda Richardson. Lynda has contributed photographs, feature articles and a monthly column to Virginia Wildlife magazine for the past twenty-plus years and recently has been named Art Director for Virginia Wildlife. Known for her extensive knowledge of animal behavior and her ability to imitate animal calls, Lynda has led nature and photography tours for organizations such as the National Zoo in Washington DC and The Nature Conservancy. Lynda has a long-time relationship with the Wildlife Habitat Council (WHC), a nonprofit organization dedicated to restoring and enhancing habitat by joining conservation and business.