January 2018 Meeting

Thursday, January 11, 2018 - 6:00pm
Greg Holden

Your challenge this month is to photograph something red. The color red symbolizes power, strength, passion, and vitality, yet it also represents danger and hatred. Examples are everywhere: red leaves in the fall, fire engines, tomatoes, flowers. Whether you choose to fill the frame with red or create a composition around a red subject, the viewer’s eye should be immediately drawn to this strong and powerful color.

The photo competition at our upcoming meeting will be judged by Greg Holden. Greg is an aerospace engineer who seeks an artistic outlet through his photography. He particularly enjoys finding interesting shapes and juxtapositions in nature while hiking. The little scenes that are easily overlooked help fuel his photographic creativity. Greg lives in Maryland and is a member of the North Bethesda Camera Club. He teaches classes in photography through the Capital Photographic Center in DC. Greg will give a presentation titled "Learning to See Creatively."