Competition rules for 2017

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Seth Silverstein
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Competition rules for 2017

The executive committee has released the completion rules for 2017. I am a bit surprised by the regressive attitude the XC has taken with regards to the editing rules for the open competition. I have written the enclosed note to Rick Seaman expressing my reasons for not wanting to change the 2016 open competition editing rules. I would appreciate the support of other CCC members that share my more progressive views on “realistic” photography.

“Hi Rick,
I just read the new set of rules for the photo competitions beginning in 2017. I am surprised, and somewhat dismayed, that the executive committee has decided to impose the same set of restrictive constraints on photos in the open category that had previously been imposed upon entries in the assigned category. By imposing such constraints, realistic photos that can be significantly improved by changing, for example, the background, can no longer be entered in any of the three categories. Digital photography, as contrasted with film photography, gives the modern photographer the ability to use tools such as Photoshop to creatively enhance their realistic photographs. I would hope that the CCC would have the foresight to encourage members to develop advanced editing skills and to apply these skills to their photographs. As such, I would hope that the executive committee would consider, either creating a fourth competition category which would allow the prior open category editing rules, or change the new 2017 editing restrictions for the open category back to those in the 2016 rules.”

James DeYoung
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Here is my shake of the trees on this topic to renew it! I just read the 2017 rules and I agree with the evaluation by Seth and Deb concerning the open category especially. 2016's rules seemed very appropriate to me in general with a nice 3 step level of allowed manipulation. For example, from the "not allowed" column is this text.

"Making composite images by combining images or elements from other images or duplicating elements within the same image (including background and sky replacement and the Orton effect)"

I would interpret this to mean I can not clean up dust motes that occur in almost every image taken that include a flat area such as the sky. Really?!

I guess this 2017 rules topic is something that may be discussed during the January 2017 meeting.

Best regards and a Happy New Year to all!