Underwater Photography Exhibit in Crozet

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Beth Bass
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Underwater Photography Exhibit in Crozet

Interesting underwater photo exhibit opening in Crozet next week.

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For "Floating in the Summertime," Alexandria Searls used an underwater camera to photograph leaves and other travelers on the Rivanna River and on other local waterways. She shot up through the water, often revealing clouds. Sometimes the surface of the river is a mirror, and other times it is a lens to the outer world of sun and sky. "I began the project to get to know the landscape of the rivers from underneath. The rock formations and river bottom and even the color of the water changed from place to place." Her book, "Floating in the Summertime" is the basis for this exhibition, though she also includes unpublished photos.

Please join us for our Second Saturday Opening Reception on July 9th. The reception is part of Crozet's Second Saturday events and runs from 4:00 to 6:00 pm. We will be serving up The Art Box's famous ice cream sundaes topped with fruit from local orchards. This event is free and the exhibit continues through the month of July.