Nikon lens rebates - which lens??

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Ken Porter
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Nikon lens rebates - which lens??

Hi all,

Nikon has recently introduced some price drops for several lenses, which is always welcome. I'd like to ask members if they've had experience with two lenses in particular -- two mid-range zooms: 24-120 f4 VR and the 24-70 f2.8G (not the new "E" one). I'm interested in your experience with these & any pros/cons you have. I've read the specs, online reviews, etc, but I'm looking for some firsthand experiences. Thanks a bunch.

John Hulburt
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Ken, take long look at Tamron 24-70 IS. I recently purchased and sold Nikon 24-70 without VR. The Tamron is sharp and well built. Cost is about $1100, far less expensive than Nikkor.

Gerry Bishop
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Ken, I own the Nikon 24-70, and it's a great lens. However, I'd bet that it's no better than the Tamron that John mentions. Best to go to Pop. Photography website and check their lens lab tests to compare the two.

Jim Marshall
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I own both. The 24-70 is one of the "must have f2.8 lenses" for professionals along with the 70-200 and one of the wide zoom such as the 14-24. These are great lenses, but they are expensive and very heavy! In the past few years I have begun downgrading my f2.8 Nikkor lenses replacing them with f4 equivalents, which are cheaper and lighter. I purchased my 24-120 f4 as a travel lens, as a substitute for the 24-70 (which I still own, possibly for sentimental reasons). I now travel with the 24-120 and a 70-200 f4 lens. I have found the f4 lenses to be the equal of their f2.8 counterparts in performance. I recently used the 24-120 on a portrait shoot and was amazed at the resolving ability of this lens. Every hair on the model's head was clean and sharp even at high magnification. Of course if you plan to use lens extenders or typically shoot in low light situations the loss of a larger aperture could pose a problem, but as I do neither, I have been well satisfied with the f4 lenses.

Ken Porter
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Thanks for the feedback everyone. Since upgrading to the D810 earlier this year I'm been replacing my "starter lens" to take full advantage of this wonderful sensor. This summer I picked up the Nikkor 70-200 f4 -- terrific lens, sharp-sharp-sharp & doesn't break the camel's back. I also have the 18-35 f3.5-4.5 to cover the wide end, which holds its own very well on this body. Now I'm looking to fill in with mid-range zoom. Hadn't really looked at Tamron or Sigma but I'll take a look at those as well. DxOMark has been a good starting point for my research but user experience is also important. I also have the 50 & 85 f1.8G lenses when needed. Might also add the new 24 f1.8G down the road. That should give me a very capable & versatile kit.