New Peer Review session scheduled

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Gerry Bishop
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New Peer Review session scheduled

Because we had to unexpectedly cancel the Peer Review session scheduled for July 18, we've scheduled a make-up session for Saturday, August 1, from 2 till 4 at Northside library.

Please bring to the meeting, on a thumb drive, up to three images you'd like to share with the attendees and get feedback on. This feedback can reveal ways you can improve your images that may not have been obvious to you, and it can also sharpen your own skills at evaluating your subjects before releasing the shutter and evaluating your images afterward.

During these sessions, each photo is projected and attendees are encouraged to comment on it. Very often, the photographer gains key insights into how to make a so-so photo good and a good photo great. Suggestions on cropping, eliminating distractions, improving tonal and color balance, and more are demonstrated on-screen with either Lightroom or Photoshop so photographers can see the improvements immediately.

These sessions have proven to be helpful to many of our members at all skill levels in improving their photography. However, members with the least experience have even more to gain, so come on out!