Deb Snelson Wins Contest

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Rick Seaman
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Deb Snelson Wins Contest

Congratulations to Deb Snelson for her winning entry in the Highways and Byways division of the 2015 Virginia Vistas Photo Contest sponsored by Scenic Virginia. Deb's winning entry is titled "Scuffletown Road in Barboursville". Read more about the contest and see Deb's image at: http://campaign.r20....

Anton Largiader
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Here's the direct link to the contest results:

Very nice, Deb!

Toni Zappone
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Congratulations, Deb. A very beautiful photo!

Jim Demas
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Great job Deb. Congrats.

Sandy Hodge
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Ditto on the congrats Deb. Very nice picture!

Ginger Ferrell
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Great image Deb. It's magic.

Gene Runion
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congratulations, fantastic image.

Ken Porter
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Congratulations Deb