End-of-Year competition

The Best Open Projection and Best Assigned awards will be judged separately for A and B photographers. The awards for the Best Print and the Best Abstract and Altered Reality will have the A and B photographers combined. A member may enter one image in each category. All entries must have been entered in a monthly competition in the same format during the current activity year. A member submitting an image in the end of the year contest must have entered at least three monthly competitions during the prior year. Digital projections should be entered in the same format they were submitted for the monthly competitions. Print entries should be brought to the December meeting for judging.

  • Best Print from among those entered in the November competition.
  • Best Projection--Open from any Open entry that was entered during the year as a projected image
  • Best Projection--Assigned from any Assigned entry during the year
  • Best Projection--Abstract and Altered Reality from the two Abstract and Altered Reality competitions this past year.

The following awards will also be announced and/or judged during the evening.

  • James W. Simmons Photographer of the Year: In recognition of Jim Simmons' outstanding contributions to the CCC, this award is presented to the Class A photographer who has accumulated the highest number of points during the year.
  • Howard Rothman Class B Photographer of the Year:  In memory of Howard Rothman, one of the founding members of the CCC, this award is presented to the Class B photographer who has accumulated the highest number of points during the year.
  • Shyan Award: This award, in memory of Ted and Rita Shyan, founding members of the CCC, is open only to Class B photographers. The photographer enters three prints that must have been taken in the current year, and may or may not have been entered in a competition. (Prints that were entered as digital projections may be used, but must be submitted as matted prints.) Color or monochrome may be entered. These prints should be the three that the photographer considers his or her best work; they do not necessarily have to be part of a theme or a type, but they may if the photographer wishes to present them in that manner. The judge will consider the overall skills of the photographer based on these three images.

If photos are entered for both the Shyan Award and the Outstanding Image of the Year, separate prints must be entered for each category.

The Registrar compiles and distributes a list, for all members, of the number of entries and all earned points for the year. Please check your name carefully if you are entering the competition. Photos must be entered in the same format as they were during the year with the exception of the Shyan Award; if you have not entered at least three times in the past year, you are not eligible to enter.

All certificates, prizes, etc., will be presented at the January meeting.