March Forum Contest - Go Green

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Robert Fehnel
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March Forum Contest - Go Green

The March theme is: Go Green

This month's judge is anonymous for now.

Theme description: 

In honor of St Patrick's Day, the March theme is "Go Green".  This could be a photo of anything green - lush summer landscapes, frogs, green cupcakes, tonight's dinner salad, ferns!  The predominant color in the image must be green and not just a few specs of green - fill the frame with green (at least 50%)!  Go green has a second meaning that is also appropriate for this month's competition -  depict what can be done to enjoy an eco-friendly life - "green living".  This is likely much more difficult to capture and may require some creativity!  Have fun!


Rules can be found here. Keep in mind this is just for fun and has no impact on points gained during our regular monthly competitions.

If you are unsure how to post a photo visit this post here where you can learn how to add a photo to your reply.



Submissions are due by March 26 2015 by 6 P.M. To submit simple reply to this posting by adding a comment below.


If you have any questions or problems uploading a photo please email Robert Fehnel at

Toni Zappone
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Need an Apartment?

Karen Lang
Karen Lang's picture

Tea leaves- market in Bagan, Burma

Stan Kaslusky
Stan Kaslusky's picture

All Things Bright and Beautiful

Gene Runion
Gene Runion's picture

Green Power Green Fields

Sandy Hodge
Sandy Hodge's picture

Green Ghoulie

David Katz
David Katz's picture

RIVER CRUISER, Les Andeles, France

Alda Vidrich
Alda Vidrich's picture

View in a Rain Drop

Katie Moran
Katie Moran's picture

Web Wonder

George Beller
George Beller's picture

"Look this way!"

Joyce Walton
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Robert Fehnel
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Time to open
Unopened Tulip

Greg Dudley
Greg Dudley's picture

Go green

Deborah Kellams
Deborah Kellams's picture

Veratrum Viride False Indian Poke

Judy Edwards
Judy Edwards's picture

Green Hideaway

Robert Fehnel
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The Forum competition is now closed so no more entries. Please hold all comments until the critiques and winner are posted.

Alda Vidrich
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Congratulations go to Karen for a very unique image.

Thanks Deb for your thoughtful critiques and the time taken to get them to us so quickly.

Toni Zappone
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Thanks to Deb for the clear and informative critiques and to Karen for a winning image. And thanks to all the entrants for some great photos.

Karen Lang
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Thanks to Deb for providing such helpful critiques and comments on a fine group of photos--loved the macro photography. I'm honored to win--the beauty of tea leaves arranged so carefully really caught my attention (and they make a fine pickled salad).

Robert Fehnel
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Congratulations to Karen. your image was really attention grabbing and you definitely deserved winning this competition.

Thank you to Deb Snelson for all the work you did giving valuable feedback to each of us, and expert critiques on each image.

I really think there were some great images this month. I would not be surprised if they would do well at our regular monthly competitions. Sandy, Alda, Greg, and Deborah i think your images were all very interesting.

Sandy in yours the textures were really well captured. I agree with Deb a bit of a crop might really help this image, by removing the ferns. I have been experimenting with a new method i would love to get an area like you show with it.

Alda, another month another excellent example of a perfect macro shot. I really enjoy how sharp the image in the droplet is as well.

Greg, I enjoyed your nature photos and this is no different. Only thing i can imagine that would really boost this is if you had a fly or something just infront of the frog. That would really make the photo, with prey and predator.

Deborah, i really enjoyed yours. I like the tones of green you had in this abstract image. In a way i wonder what black and white would look like but i bet the color version is better. The curves and slight shadows just make it interesting.