Stretched canvas printing, printing on edges?

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Anton Largiader
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Stretched canvas printing, printing on edges?

I'll probably be getting a few prints done like this, this year. Canvas stretched over a frame. However, I was looking at a stretched canvas print that a friend had made, and noticed that the printing went around the side. If you're trying to simulate a painted canvas, that isn't correct, is it? I would expect to see the bare canvas there, or the color of the jesso, or painted in a neutral color, but not with the detail of the front wrapping around the side. That would only happen if the canvas were remounted to a smaller frame after painting.

Any thoughts? Is this just a commonly-taken shortcut? If so, couldn't one just add a border that would end up on the side? Or maybe the wrapped image is just the way it is done now since there is no frame to cover the raw edge?

Robert Fehnel
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So I have done all of two canvas prints so my experience is limited. In both cases I went with a photo stretched over the frame, so the photo extended to the sides. Other options included having a mirror on the sides which really was not pleasing. I also believe that a solid color could be done white or black.


I think it also may matter what you want to do with it. If you are framing then there is no real difference as the sides will be hidden. I guess I will say that this does seem to be a standard practice with these canvas prints.


For what its worth I used easy canvas prints for both of mine as I got "good deals" on them. I believe both were 50% off as some sort of a holiday sale, and they use holiday loosely. I would expect mothers day would be coming up next with good deals.  I did talk to Bryan Parsons about this sort of printing method.  He mentioned to me to be careful o fthe white edges.  Basically on the wrapped prints they fold the canvas after printing this can crack the ink a bit and show as white on the area where there are folds.  I believe that might be a common occurance as well.