Pop-Up Shooting Tents and light stands for sale

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Gerry Bishop
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Pop-Up Shooting Tents and light stands for sale

One of our generous members has donated two new pop-up shooting tents (also called diffusion cubes), three sturdy light stands, three high-quality light sockets, and three light reflectors--all of which combine to create a system for shooting small subjects on a tabletop with ideal diffused lighting. Several of our members use the same kind of equipment to take many of the beautifully lit close-up and macro photos that you see winning high scores every month in our competitions.

We are now offering these items as a set to any of our members who is interested. The cost of these items, if purchased from Amazon or B&H, would be $300 or more. However, we will be accepting the highest offer, regardless of the amount. ALL PROCEEDS WILL GO TO THE CCC TREASURY FOR USE IN PAYING FOR PRESENTERS AND WORKSHOP LEADERS FOR FUTURE ENGAGEMENTS.

As mentioned, we would like to sell this equipment as a set, and we will favor the highest bidder who agrees to that. However, since there are two shooting tents, and anyone would likely need only one, we will be willing to sell the second tent separately.

The tents are of two different sizes. One opens to a cube that measures 28 X 29 inches on a side, and the other measures 24 X 24 on a side. You can see the cubes and the light stands in the attached photo. For more details, you can go to:

The light stands and lights can be seen at:

And the sockets and reflectors are at:

Also, I invite you to come to my home to see the items in person. Just email me to set up a time.

We will be accepting bids up till the end of the day on April 30.

Gerry Bishop