Getting Started on the Forums

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Robert Fehnel
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Getting Started on the Forums

So for those of you who might be new to forums this post is for you and hopefully you know how you got here. So to begin the forum is a way in which to share or receive information. It will also allow people to interact and share ideas, opinions, photos, news items etc.


So lets define some jargon quickly.


Forum: The area in which we can share links, photos or ask questions. It is accessed by clicking on forums on the left side of any page.

Section: This is a specific part of the forum that contains topics that are relevant to that section. This is accessed by clicking on the section title once on the forums page.


Topic: This is where people can really write and read information. If you have a question to ask or something to share you would create a topic.

Reply: This is a response written by someone to a topic. It will appear right below the topic or any previous replies. When you click on the forums section of the main menu side bar you will be taken to the home section of the forum. From here you will see a series of smaller sections. For instance you are reading a Topic that is in the How To Use section. Each section has a description and all topics in there will match the section description.


So lets go back to that word Topic. Topic is exactly what it sounds like this is also synonymous with the word Post. So topics or posts are where people initiate a discussion on some subject. The subject is up to the person who wants to create the Topic. They can be questions or they could be a way to share a news story, or information regarding an event. Topics are started by a single person about a subject and are placed in the correct section. Now if you feel so moved to reply that is easy as well.


Finally you might notice when looking at sections that some topics always stay at the top. These are called sticky topics and are made so by a moderator. This means that they are important and should be read. One other special types of topics are locked ones. This is a topic that does not allow others to comment.